About Us & Our Aims

We provide Domiciliary Care, Supported Living with Personal Care and Accommodation with Personal Care (Care Home) for adult clients, Adults aged 18 – 65 and Adults aged 65+. Our service is available to people from all over the UK.

We work in partnership with local authorities, organizations and residents to create safe, sustainable communities. We aim to support our clients and help them to make the most of opportunities in their lives.

Our Aims and Objectives

Domiciliary Care Services

  1. To provide high quality services to meet or exceed the expectations of the National Standards for
  2. Domiciliary Care, the Domiciliary Care Agencies Regulations 2015 under the Care Quality Commission Act 2015.
  3. To employ and supply caring, well trained and reliable domiciliary care workers.
  4. To ensure continuing customer satisfaction by regularly monitoring the quality of the service.
  5. To establish the company as a respected and trusted home care provider.
  6. To run a profitable business.

Supported Living Services

  1. To provide support that is tailored to each client’s individual needs.
  2. To empower clients to lead as independent a life as possible.
  3. To provide services that are anti-discriminatory.
  4. To provide a service that takes into account client’s preferences, wishes, personal circumstances and individual abilities.
  5. To provide our clients with support of the highest quality within their own home environment.

Care Home (Accommodation with Personal Care)

Our aim of providing accommodation with personal care is to give individuals the opportunity to live as independently as possible with help from staff when needed.
Our service users make their own choices and lead their lives in the way they want to, whenever possible. All the clients will have a contract agreement and are given the same rights as anyone living in their own accommodation.

Every effort is made to create a warm and homely environment in all our accommodation. We strongly believe that accommodation with personal care, need not look and feel institutional. Our accommodation is enchanting and unique.

We cater for individuals who are capable of living independently in a domestic setting but who may need support in a number of areas to cope with the challenges and pressures of daily life.

This may include practical assistance and emotional and moral support.